We have Bled takes us deep into private emotional battlegrounds. Three people caught in the turbulence of a relationship; fragile intimacy ruptured by impulsive ferocity. 

We Have Bled: an emotionally naked gesture in the face of urban isolation.

“Film has the advantage of moving the audience exactly where the director wants; both the distance and perspective can change as well as the frame of vision and the clarity of focus. We have bled emphasised these advantages so much it stood out for pushing beyond ‘dance on film’ and even ‘dance as film’ to a mature creative genre of ‘film as dance’.”

“There is no ‘grand statement’ — it’s simply part of the process of being human, the poetry of it…It’s like dancing with other people.’ It was in the first edit that Waterloo perceived in the images what he describes as, ‘a compassionate look at the turmoil in our relationships; when we exhaust ourselves and can turn to a place of surrender and acceptance. We cannot be anything else but human, it’s an inevitability of life: to acknowledge we will hurt a little on the way.’”

“The motion of the camera sets up a tantalising superimposition of bodies and architecture moving in and out of focus within and through the frame — sometimes multiple frames within the same shot — at different rhythms. In the editing Waterloo thus sets up a poetic syntax that enhances what we see, building emotional traces like brush strokes on a canvas. This process, Waterloo writes, is like ‘excavating the human heart…the film is about people: you see straight into people’s hearts and souls, and what is possible — what great potential there is. Editing is about totally surrendering; it’s a natural response.’

The originality of We have bled is in its creation of an intoxicating juxtaposition of choreographic images to create the suggestion of a narrative.”

Nicholas Minns  – Writing about Dance

Cast & Crew

Director: Marcus Waterloo
Choreographer: Fernanda Lippi
Dancers: Kirill Burlov, Rosa Antuña, Fernanda Lippi
Camera & Edit: Marcus Waterloo
Producer: Andre Semenza
Music: Kai Engel (Laceration, Curtains are Always Drawn, Touch the Darkness, The Adumbration, Mist and Clouds)

14 mins / UK / © Maverick Motion Ltd 2016