Sea Without Shore is a rhythmically captivating exploration of love and loss at the fin de siècle.

An amorous relationship between two women abruptly cut short.

Dissolving under the impact of the loss of her soul mate, the surviving lover is drawn into the depths of mid-winter forests, into spheres of the subconscious, initiated by unknown forces. There is no return.

Directed by Andre Semenza and Fernanda Lippi, founders of critically acclaimed Anglo-Brazilian physical theatre company Zikzira, makers of ‘Ashes of God’ (“Stupendous” Time Out Critic’s Choice “Intense, flashbacking and highly stylized dance drama” BBC)

Set in remote forest landscapes and interiors in rural 19th century Sweden, Sea without Shore was photographed in cinema-scope by award-winning British director of photography, Marcus Waterloo.

Post-produced at Pinewood Studios, Sea Without Shore features a sound design supervised by Academy-Award® and multiple BAFTA winner Glenn Freemantle (‘Gravity’).

The original music for Sea Without Shore was created by pioneering composer The Hafler Trio (aka Andrew McKenzie who has collaborated with Chris Watson of Cabaret Voltaire, Fluxus artist Willem de Ridder, Nurse With Wound, Autechre, Jónsi Birgisson of Sigur Rós, amongst others) using the cast’s sonic imprints for the creation of the soundtrack, which, in turn, was used on location.

The cast thus performed inside a cloak of their own sound, in pursuit of a visceral, emotional truth.

“Staging a hypnotic dance of embodied emotion, Sea without Shore speaks powerfully to the senses of sight, hearing, touch. Loss rips, tears, and unravels the fabric of the self like the fraying dress worn by the bereaved lover, entoiling or entangling the viewer in this compulsive exploration of the ‘soul within the sense’.”

Catherine Maxwell
Professor of Victorian Literature, Queen Mary, University of London

The stream-of-consciousness narration, a collage of poetic fragments, features words by 16th century lesbian poet Katherine Philips, and 19th century fin de siècle poets Renée Vivien and Algernon Charles Swinburne whose agnostic, visionary poetry lend Sea Without Shore a hypnotic quality.

Cast & Crew

Woman in lace dress: Livia Rangel
Woman with long black hair: Fernanda Lippi
Forest woman: Anna Mesquita af Sillén
Horse woman: Ankie Hermansson
Voice Over: Marcela Rosas, Fernanda Lippi

Directed by Andre Semenza, Fernanda Lippi
Director of Photography: Marcus Waterloo
Choreography: Fernanda Lippi
Original Soundtrack: The Hafler Trio
Screenplay and Editor:Andre Semenza
Words by Charles Algernon Swinburne (1837-1909) Katherine Philips ‘Orinda’ (1632-1662), Renée Vivien (1877-1909) Fernanda Lippi
Costume Design: Fernanda Lippi, Marcus Waterloo, Adalgisa Duque
Sound Supervisor: Academy Award® winner
and BAFTA winner Glenn Freemantle
 Re-recording Mixer: Brendan Nicholson, Pinewood Studios
 On-line Editor: Francisco Forbes
Post-production Supervisor: Martin Parsons
DCP Grade: Martin Greenbank, Pinewood Studios
Marketing Supervisor: Andy Dockett
Co-producer: Kristian Brandt
Production Manager: Kiljan Eckermann
Produced by Andre Semenza and Fernanda Lippi

DCP 2.35:1 Scope
Length: 01:31:02
© 2015 Maverick Motion and Zikzira Physical Theatre