About Zikzira

Zikzira creates performances and films from an instinctive core, embracing the visual and visceral in a synthesis of art forms. Through risk, desire and organization of chance, the company devises immersive work with layers of meaning. Somatic impulses give rise to movement; soundscapes, dance and imagery conspiring to form a whole. 

Through a multi-disciplinary and site-specific approach, the company devises work with poetic resonance unconfined by genre.

Founded in 1999 by Fernanda Lippi and Andre Semenza, the critically acclaimed Anglo-Brazilian company has produced site-specific and stage performances, urban interventions and films.

Zikzira’s work has been exhibited at international venues such as The Barbican, ICA, Riverside Studios, Regent Street Cinema, Laban Theatre, HOME, Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Teatro São Luiz (Lisbon), SESC Consolação and Pompéia (São Paulo), Itaú Espaço de Cinema, Brazil’s largest arthouse cinema chain, to name a few. Zikzira Action Space, a cultural hub in Belo Horizonte, was officially opened by Jaroslaw Fret, director of the Grotowski Institute. 

“The art of theatre is specifically the art of dreams”
Jean-Louis Barrault

“My body is the intention, my body is the event, my body is the result.
Art is hope, prayer, and the possession of the individual”
Günter Brus

Zikzira Physical Theatre is a Company Limited by Guarantee
Company Number: 08550058