Sinparc Brazil
Performing Arts Awards 2018

Winner Best Show
Winner Best Dancer

Nominated for
Best Choreography
Best Sound Design
Best Costume Design

Outro em Si explores impregnation and resistance to what is foreign, and the possibility of becoming another.

‘We embrace everything, but we clasp only wind.’


‘A myriad of meanings, characteristic of post-structuralism thought, informs Outro em Si. Inspired by Julia Kristeva’s Strangers to Ourselves, the thrust at the core of Fernanda Lippi’s Outro em Si is a landscape of exile, of beings searching, in perpetuity.’

Duração & Diferença: Luiz Carlos Garrocho

‘A choked up rage deep down in my throat, a black angel clouding transparency, opaque, unfathomable spur. 

Always elsewhere, the foreigner belongs nowhere.’

Julia Kristeva Strangers to Ourselves

‘I see dance, theatre and cinematic language as an extension of the body. Through deconstruction reorganisation of choreographic material, we work with four variations that shape the piece: action, quality, space and relationship, leading us to reflect on ‘identity’, and its dissipation. ‘  

Fernanda Lippi

‘A secret wound, often unknown to himself, drives the foreigner to wandering. We are doubles in ourselves. I, at this time, and I soon, are the same two.’

Julia Kristeva Strangers to Ourselves

‘Riveted to an elsewhere as certain as it is inaccessible, the foreigner is ready to flee. No obstacle stops him, and all suffering, all insults, all rejections are indifferent to him as he seeks that invisible and promised territory, that country that does not exist but that he bears in his dreams.

Paradise Lost is a mirage of the past that can never be rediscovered.’ 

Julia Kristeva Strangers to Ourselves

Cast & Crew


Maíra Campos, Josué Maciel, Morvan Teixeira, Mirela França, Amanda Soares, Cristhyan Pimentel, Diogo Gonçalves, Kaio Fernando, Leonardo Bruno, Luiza Viana, Ana Silva, Mariana Rodrigues, Camila Gomes, Clarissa Moura, Isaías Estevam. 

Concept, Choreography: Fernanda Lippi
Direction: Andre Semenza
Associate Choreographer: Sarah Storer
Lighting Design: Guilherme Bonfanti
Costume Design: Philmore Clague
Soundtrack Design: Andre Semenza
Artistic Coordinator: Priscila Fiorini
Dance Teacher: Renata Araújo
Production Manager: Nágila Santiago

Photos: Alessandra Duarte, Tarcísio de Paula, Andre Semenza

Stage, 80′, Cast of 12 – Commissioned by Cia SESC de Dança MG