First sorption*
A woman, a witness and 500 words. Attempts at reconstructing the dismembered self, in pursuit of wholeness. Separating, organizing, and cataloguing objects and memories – items to be cherished, stored; others discarded, trashed, given away, in a process with rules that change as emotional and mental perspectives shift.

* The process in which one substance takes up or holds another (by either absorption or adsorption)

Second sorption
Different decade, same DNA. Dissecting and reassembling images as knowledge mutates through fading memory – a pursuit of the missing elements of the human make-up. A compulsive study of vanishing realities captured through photography and technology. Can identity be anchored in images?

In the context of the ‘Soliloquium 2008’ series, Zikzira Action Space presented the studio piece ‘500 words on a ping pong ball’.

Developed in collaboration with Pedro Bastos, the night was split in two halves featuring two solos, connected through a common point of departure – the decoding and organization of memory for the reconstruction of identity. 

Cast & Crew

Performers: Macarena Campbell, Pedros Bastos
Original Soundtrack: Pedro Bastos
Choreography: Fernanda Lippi
Projected photos, software concept and programming: Pedro Bastos
Artistic Consultant: Andy Dockett
Production assistant: Gilmar Salustriano

Co-devised by Macarena Campbell, Pedro Bastos,
Andy Dockett, Fernanda Lippi and Andre Semenza