“We have an interval and then our place knows us no more”†.

A woman carrying a burden yields to memory, unfolding the space, with a desire to fall. Her wistful yearning towards home, in absence from it, as the shadows of evening deepen. Body parts and spiral streams as passages to self-possession.

†Walter Pater, The Renaissance

“There is resistance, there is pain and a yearning for rest; the performer’s utterances have a disquieting, confessional quality. Rooted in a personal, poetic narrative, Smooth Wax of Ingenuous Souls has emotional power.”
Laura Santini, Genova Mentelocale

“Art beyond boundaries in direct confrontation with myth, dream states and hidden, archaic forces. Heightened physical actions, containment and letting go open the door to an emotional landscape, an expectant space, in which the actors’ visceral presence and the aesthetic composition merge.”
Il Seculo XIX, Genova

“And in her tears shed in such absences there seemed always to be some soul-subduing foretaste of what her last tears might be. A system of visible symbolism interweaves itself through all our thoughts and passions; and irresistibly, little shapes, voices, accidents–the angle at which the sun in the morning fell on the pillow–become parts of the great chain wherewith we are bound.”

†Walter Pater, The Child In The House

Cast & Crew

Performer: Macarena Campbell
Choreographer: Fernanda Lippi
Devised by Fernanda Lippi, Macarena Campbell and Andre Semenza
Artistic Director and Sound Design: Andre Semenza
Photos (at Teatro Akropolis) © Giusi Lorelli