Waste, perishable matter

Urbe explores the cyclical and transitory nature of the human body. 

Bodies as perishable matter, moving to seemingly involuntary impulses in a ritual of embodiment and disintegration. Intangible presence, in the absence of shape.

Two performers in a landscape of a city’s vast, still-edible, food waste. 

Triumphant state radio pronouncements from the Brazilian military dictatorship era alternate with segments of baroque opera. Urbe, a ceremony of degradation in a country without memory. 

The urban intervention project stretched over an entire street in the run-down centre of Rio de Janeiro and engaged the local homeless and squatters as production crew. Urbe was followed by a celebration of their street.   

“The audience is in for an unsettling, immersive and euphoric experience.”

Festival programme

“An urban installation, a gateway to existence’ bleakest aspects”

O Globo on-line

“The visceral, post-apocalyptic universe impacted everyone”

Dance International

Cast & Crew

Performers: Tuca Pinheiro, Consuelo Rosa
Choreography: Fernanda Lippi
Installation: Lígia Lippi, Luciana Gontijo, Eduardo Andrade
Production: Lígia Lippi
Artistic Director: Andre Semenza
PR: Marcia Reikdal
Performed in Rua do Ouvidor, Centro, Rio de Janeiro 2001