A multidisciplinary performance written by artificial intelligence, experienced by humans.


Cli-fi – the literary genre of climate fiction, in which science fiction meets climate change and natural disaster – is taken as a metaphor for personal and global disaster and as a juncture where imagination and reality meet head-on. 

Diary entries co-authored with algorithms, deciphered by a group of artists from different countries, sculpted into narratives and imaginary memories. As postcards from a not-so-distant future, they provide glimpses of life in a world heavily impacted by climate change. 

Zoom, ersatz-vehicle for human contact, synthetically streaming intimacy in a world of enforced physical distance: The static computer camera, unengaged and indifferent, recording uninterrupted private moments with an intrusive gaze. Under this gaze, our characters, created by artificial intelligence, collide with their humanity. 

Written by algorithms, edited by humans at the Visual Methodologies Collective, performed by Zikzira Physical Theatre. 

Pre-filmed scenes will be crosscut with live streams from different continents in an immersive on-line experience. 

Premiere to be announced. 

Cast & Crew

Andy Dockett
Sabine Niederer
Carlo De Gaetano


Fernanda Lippi
Andre Semenza


Maíra Campos
Cristhyan Pimentel
Sophie Emmitt
Olga Kunicka
Fernanda Lippi

Meisner Acting Coach:  Simon Furness

Voice Coach: Ben Joiner